Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME) I (40 hrs) E5 and above

Abbreviation: SEJPME I Description: This certificate course is designed to help educate and prepare enlisted leaders assigned to Joint organizations or those going to Joint assignments. Upon completion of the course, students will be better prepared to: operate or work in a joint environment or organization; lead members of multiple Services; and contribute to joint mission success. The online course is delivered in a web-based curriculum that uses multi-media instruction. The course contains an introduction module, nine functional modules of instruction - which includes a pre-test, section knowledge checks (quizzes), lesson feedback forms, and a final examination - and a conclusion module. To receive a completion certificate, all learning modules and knowledge checks (if applicable) must be completed, a minimum grade of 80 percent on the final exam must be achieved, and a completed electronic course evaluation and feedback form must be submitted. Duration: 40 hours online. Completion deadline - Students have 180 days to complete before they are automatically dropped from the course. Type: Certificate Materials: All learning materials are provided online. Audience: Designed for senior enlisted students. Student eligibility: Pay grades E5 and above; U.S. Warrant Officers; U.S. Commissioned Officers; U.S. Federal Government Civilian Personnel of equivalent grade; International Military Students (OR7-OR9). Note: Individuals selected for but not yet promoted to E5 are not eligible - NO WAIVERS. Remarks: IMPORTANT: This course does not allow a student to “click through” the material. Please plan for 40-plus hours of online instruction. For course completion deadline, see course syllabus located in the SEJPME Tab within the documents section at the bottom of the page. The overall classification of this course is UNCLASSIFIED. Accreditation: SEJPME I is currently listed in the American Council on Education – “The ACE National Guide.” ACE is a national accrediting agency recognized by the Department of Education. This course has been reviewed and recommended for 3 lower-division baccalaureate credits in strategic management. ACE Course Number: JKOJ-0004. Prerequisites: Accurate current JKO student profile. Complete the online SEJPME New Student Orientation Course (SEJPME US000-PRE) prior to enrollment. Classification: Unclassified