SEJPME-US001 Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME) I Course - (40 hrs)

The SEJPME Course is a stand-alone, 100% online, web-based course that uses multi-media instruction. The course contains a pre-test, 11 modules of instruction, section knowledge checks (quizzes), lesson feedback forms, and a final examination. In order to receive a completion certificate, all learning modules and knowledge checks must be completed, a minimum grade of 80% on the final exam must be achieved, and a completed electronic course evaluation and feedback form is required. Student eligibility: E5 and above; U.S. Warrant Officers; U.S. Commissioned Officers; U.S. Federal Government Civilian Personnel of equivalent grade; International Military Students (OR7-OR9). Note: Individuals who are selected for promotion to E5 are not eligible - NO WAIVERS. Prerequisite: Students must complete the SEJPME New Student Orientation Course (SEJPME US000-PRE) prior to enrollment in any SEJPME Courses. IMPORTANT: This course does not allow a student to 'click through' the material. Please plan for 40 plus hours of online instruction. For course completion deadline see course syllabus located on the SEJPME Community page within the documents section at the bottom of the page. The overall classification of this course is UNCLASSIFIED.